Virginia Garcia Ovejero Pivik was inducted into the Dare to Care for the Homeless Advisory Board on July 4, 2017

Virginia Garcia Pivik, Communications Consultant/ Media personality- Seasoned communications consultant and broadcaster with over 20 years of radio and TV experience. She became an EMMY nominee of the National Academy of Television and Arts in 2005 for her job as news producer. As a communications consultant and campaign producer, she won “Best Community Service campaign” in 2015 for a spot she produced in conjunction with Telemundo for 9Health Fair. Since her days in radio and TV, Virginia has developed a passion for educating and engaging communities by working face-to-face with a vast array of community leaders and members. She also believes in utilizing existing marketing channels to increase exposure of health programs in the community.

Ms. Garcia is volunteer donor on the National Marrow Donor Program Registry (NMDP) and a strong advocate for Breast Cancer survivorship education.

She is fluent in Spanish and English, and has knowledge of German and Portuguese. Her flawless Spanish skills granted her access to the White House, under the Obama administration for a live presidential translation.

Mrs Garcia Pivik has been part of the following boards: DPS (Denver Public Schools), DAM (Denver Art Museum- Latino Committee), 9Health Fair, Casa Argentina de Colorado (she served as the Director of Communications) and has also offered pro- bono advice for Autism TV campaigns and special programming, bicultural political campaigns and South American intelligence.

Among her clients she’s worked with: Xfinity TV, CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation), TERRA, Azteca TV, AARP, Getty Images, Estrella TV, Mi Casa Resource Center, API (American Petroleum Institute).

Virginia enjoys running 5kms, hiking, spinning, gardening, cooking and researching psychology-related topics.