Host a Key Drive to Support Dare to Care for the Homeless

Don't Hasitate


Donate your keys to

Dare to Care for the Homeless and help the homeless.

 Help others give back to their community, by recycling keys.

Most curbside recycling programs do not accept scrap metal, you will not be able to put your keys in your bin. Instead of throwing your unwanted keys into the trash can donate them to Dare to Care for the Homeless. Dare to care for the Homeless will turn your old keys into inspirational art that will help provide work for people experiencing homelessness. 

Volunteer Hotline 562) 334-2971

‚ÄčDare to Care for the Homeless invites businesses, organizations, and schools to get involved with their community by collecting keys for the cause. 

Donate your unwanted keys to Dare to Care for the Homeless. 

Old Keys will become art when you donate your unwanted keys to Dare to Care for the Homeless