1. Build a presence

LinkedIn gives the Dare to Care for the Homeless organization a page of its own. Anyone within the LinkedIn community can join the organizations page to show their support. 

2. Find Volunteers

Dare to Care for the Homeless has found it very useful to use LinkedIn to connect with talented professionals that can help move the charity forward. "There is no better resource on the Internet to find talented professionals by skill sets that want to help a good cause." Says, Director of Dare to Care for the Homeless Jose Rodriguez

3. Find Board Members

LinkedIn allows nonprofit organizations to post there board opportunities and get the word out about key Board Members openings.

4. Find Advocates

Charities such as Dare to Care for the Homeless can use the vast network of LinkedIn to Identify and network with other professionals whom share the mission to help the homeless and build a coalition. By sharing resources homelessness advocates can do more with less and therefore accomplish their objectives with less effort. 

5. Fundraising 

LinkedIn is uniquely position to help charities succeed in social fundraising. By using a mapping tools you can use your current network to establish new fundraising relationships. You can use real relationships with real people to connect with others that want to help.  With over 500 million people on LinkedIn and powerful search features this online social network is the most effective way to do social fundraising online. 

5 ways LinkedIn Helps  Charities

LinkedIn for Nonprofits