Real Estate Agents Give Back

4 pm to 8 pm in West Long Beach

Realtor Night 2017

The Women's shelter is on Pacific and Anaheim in West Long Beach and the volunteers hours are from 4 pm to 8pm October 7, 2017. Volunteers may not show up without prior approval. This location is not open to the public and volunteers must be vetted and approved before they can enter the facility. 

Saturday October 7, 2017

Real estate agents are people that love their community and care about others. Getting involved in the communities they do business in and giving back is important to successful realtors. The real estate agent community is coming together on Saturday, October 7, 2017 to share of their time and serve food with the less fortunate in West Long Beach at the women’s shelter. We want to invite all real estate agents to participate in the spirit of charity and giving by donating of their time, talent and treasure to help make this event a beautiful experience that will uplift the hearts and minds of many. We are reaching out to any realtors with talents such as singing or music, or dancing of any kind to give of themselves to make this event lots of fun and full of cheer for the women and children staying at the homeless shelter.

This event is being hosted by Dare to Care for the Homeless. To learn more about Dare to Care for the Homeless and the opportunity to get involved please go to  Or contact Jose Rodriguez at (562) 334-2971

A new Dare to Care for the Homeless song will be released on Saturday October 7, 2017 during the Realtor Night event. The title of the song is "A Light in the Darkness" and it is written by professional song writer Stephen Bordl.