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Degree or currently majoring in: Communications Writing Business Marketing Volunteers accepted on a per project basis. Projects may last from one week to one month. About 4 hours per week required. Schedule of volunteering opportunity is flexible. Duties of volunteer may include: Pitch News Stories to Local Journalists Generate Press coverage Create Hype Write Press releases Spin any negative press directed toward non-profit Manage & promote non-profits image. Benefits: Resume Building Experience Training in Public Relations Included Build Your Network of Professional Contracts
This Flyer issued April 16, 2014 Dare To Care For The Homeless is a 501c3 not for profit corporation.
Mission: To promote Social Change and defend human dignity by assisting the homeless community with food, clothing, and hygiene products.
Volunteering is Good for your Health

Research shows daring to volunteer is

good for your health

According to scientific studies done at the University of

British Columbia, to volunteer not only improves the community, it also is helpful for physical and mental health of people who get involved. . “Another motivation to work toward a better world!” said Alberto Rivera a volunteer with Dare to Care for the Homeless in Paramount California.


Volunteering is not only good for our mental health, it also benefits the heart, according to research conducted by scientists from the Faculty of Education and the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver (Canada) and published in the

journal JAMA Pediatrics. The website published these studies as researchers sought to find out how volunteering affects the well being of humans. This study done by author Hannah Schreier, revealed that volunteering benefits cardiovascular health. It is wonderful to see how social participation to support society also improves the health of young people," said Schreier, who performed this research during her doctoral studies at UBC.


This conclusion was supported by, analyzed secondary students from Vancouver city divided into a pair of groups, one volunteer activities performed for ten weeks, and another who was on the waiting list to volunteer. Scientists measured the body mass index (BMI), inflammation and

cholesterol levels prior to as well as after the research, in addition to assessing self-esteem, mental health, humor and empathy of the youth. The participating group, who spent an hour a week doing voluntary involvement with elementary school children in the neighborhood school, after ten weeks displayed lower levels of cholesterol

and inflammation and lower BMI as compared to those on the list waiting for volunteering. "The volunteers who reported the largest increases empathy, altruistic behavior and mental health were also reported greater improvements in cardiovascular health," said Schreier, School of Medicine, Icahn at Mount Sinai in New York (United States). Prior studies demonstrated that

psychosocial factors such as stress, depression and well-being, have an effect on cardiovascular disease, the number one cause of death in North America.

Senior citizens who volunteer to help improve their community are less depressed, have a better quality of life and are happier with their lives as a result.

Written by: Jose Rodriguez

​Homeless Advocate from Long Beach California

Volunteer opportunities

How To Start a Local Chapter

Starting, or helping to start a local chapter of Dare to Care for the Homeless could be the most important thing you can do to further your support of the homeless in your community.  To be successful, the organizers of a Dare to Care for the Homeless Chapter should plan on investing two hours each week. You needn't invest a lot of money to start up a local chapter, but share in our passion to help the homeless.  Requirements for a local chapter: 3 Officers: a President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.  (If you are short a member, please let us know and we can help you recruit individuals to help!) We collect dues to help provide services for your members  (a newsletter, for instance, or postage costs related to publicity, phone calls, etc.) we request you send 10 percent of your monthly revenue to the national office in Long Beach CA to help defray the costs of our assistance and to help us provide similar services to other struggling chapters. (If you raise under $300.00 a month, you qualify to send $25.00/monthly) A Roster of your Volunteers (you may e-mail this),  a yearly financial statement, including copies of all bank statements for our accountants to review. This is essential for our national organization to maintain our nonprofit status.  Here is what the Headquarter office can provide a local chapter: A charter, officially affiliating you with a nationally recognized 501(3)c non-profit organization.  This affiliation would enable your chapter to enjoy all the benefits of non-profit status, without any of the work usually required toobtain that status.  Benefits include:being able to solicit donations as tax-deductible and access to non-profit bulk mailing rates. Credibility of association with a name non-profit organization: As D2C4H gains name recognition and we continue to grow your chapter will gain credibility by its association with the national organization. An organizational structure: We will provide you with bylaws and guidelines by which to run your organization.  Assistance in finding a meeting place: We will contact any university, community center, or other institution you request to negotiate a regular meeting place.   Detailed "How to"s of publicity seeking, and outreach work. How to get your Chapter noticed by the news media, generate free publicity, and attract new members. Contact information for all members in your area. As D2C4H grows  through our media efforts, new members in your area will join. We will steer them directly to you. Publication of your chapters existence, activities, statistics etc. on our Web page. Detailed "How To"s about publishing a brief newsletter, should you desire to do so, for your members.  Also, "How To"s about organizing and running meetings,  finding speakers and programs, organizing distribution of food and clothing, avoiding political infighting, and generally making your local chapter a success. As D2C4H continues to grow and other chapters are founded  we will help you connect with these chapters so that you may all share resources.  In order to protect our non-profit status, we have to reserve the right to revoke a local chapter's charter without prior notice and for any reason whatsoever. Please take a day or so to reconsider  the prospects of starting a local chapter. 
In our view it is better that a region not be served by a D2C4H chapter, rather than it be served badly by one. Remember, if you start a local chapter you will be our representative in your area and it will reflect on the national organization. If you would like to volunteer please call (562) 334-2978 or send e-mail to Volunteer@D2C4H.ORG     Content copyright 2014. Dare To Care For The Homeless. All rights reserved.