Working To Help the HOmeless

Mission Statement 

To promote social change and defend human dignity by assisting the homeless with food, clothing and hygiene products. 

Homelessness has been a problem in most major metropolitan areas of the United States for generations. In Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has declared a state of Emergency because in the last two years homelessness has grown by 12%. Homelessness has affected all of our City’s neighborhoods, residents, and visitors in various ways.  It affects Angelino’s as a civic pride matter, as a public safety concern, but above all it is a human issue.  People experiencing homelessness are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. “As homelessness goes so goes the City” says Greg Spiegel the former Czar of Homelessness for the Mayor's Office in Los Angeles. He believes homelessness is the most pressing issue affecting the wellbeing of the city.

Hearings For Solutions- City Councils throughout the country are having public hearings to address issues such as veteran homelessness and Youth Homelessness.  An Urban Development Subcommittee in Philadelphia an Interagency Council on Homelessness on San Diego or a Mayor's Task Force Meeting in Huntington Beach California all speak of the same concern common among cities throughout the United States.

Homeless Outreach Team & Housing- Initiatives such Pathways To Housing or PATH (People Assisting The Homeless) or The Long Beach Rescue Mission aim to reach out to people living on the street and provide supportive housing until people can become self sufficient. “The major work of the outreach teams is to sell people on the idea that they need to get off the streets and this is not an easy sale.” says Director of Dare To Care For The Homeless Alberto Rivera. Reaching out to youth, veterans and mothers with young children is a priority but it takes time to establish trust and it is often a long process.

Dare To Care For The Homeless- A coalition building organization that is building a global think tank to study the policies and issues of homelessness aims to work with the public sector, private corporations and civic minded leaders to find the best solutions to the growing social issue of homelessness. Coalition building City Leaders, religious, professional groups and people who have a passion for the matter. This 501c3 not for profit has a long history of doing food, clothing and hygiene products drives that bring the community together to assist the less fortunate. The charity also cooks and serves food in local shelters and meets the need of the homeless community on the streets. Yet the future of the organization is not in just doing these types of charity events but rather find solutions to the problem. “The long term solution to homelessness is in advocacy and coalition building.” Says President of Dare To Care For The Homeless William Gutierrez. Dare To Care For The Homeless goal is to become a global think leader in the area of homelessness.

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